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Holding space for your birth

Take matters into your own hands, no matter what birth you have. We are here for you.

Earthside Baby
The online birth preparation course

Learn everything you need to know for a beautiful birth – equip yourself with knowledge, techniques and power. Available in English and Swiss-German.

You have the power

Feeling afraid of birth ends here. We all have a natural instinct for birth and beyond – we just have to relearn it. Making sure you have a say in how your birth unfolds has never been more important – we can show you how.

Online learning

Learn about pregnancy, birth and your family’s needs from wherever, whenever. Self-paced and available anytime, in English, German and Swiss-German.

Support and love

There are enough surprises in store for you – don’t let your birth be one of them. Join the community today and saddle up for what lies ahead. Learn the tools you need for a beautiful and powerful birth and postpartum. Noone will do it for you.

It’s really that simple

The more you know about pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, the more calm and happiness you will have as a mom. The more you know about how your body is connected to your baby, the more you will understand that everything you need can be found in you.

what we offer

Learn. Relax. Manifest.

We offer various online courses on natural birth, hypnobirthing, empowered assisted births such as induction and c-section as well as women’s coaching options

Meet Hannah

My work as a doula was born out of my own experience becoming a mother, a gift from my babies. Years later, I’m still in awe of every birth and birthing person I meet. Women are so incredibly strong. How we birth changes us as women, and if we hold each other, changing birth can change the world.

Where we are

Bali and Switzerland

Born in Switzerland, Earthside Project is family-led and also has a sister in Bali. We offer in-person services in Bali and Switzerland, as well as online coaching globally.

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