about us

It’s your birth.

Own it. We’ll help you along the way.

We are in the process of redefining birth. Because we know that the world needs good births. However you baby wishes to be born, we provide you with the support you need to experience a positive birth.

Welcome to Earthside Project

How we birth affects the world. Which is why we set out to:

  • provide diverse, comprehensive and free Information and resources for birth preparation
  • offer a sound, evidence-based online birth preparation programme, so you can start your birth preparation how and when it suits you
  • a growing global community, where you can connect with likeminded others

We believe strongly that the core of a positive birth amounts to having space. The space to make healthy and informed decisions. The space to feel free to feel and know what you need for your birth. The space to remember how to birth your baby – it’s all in you.

It’s our mission to help you along the way in gaining your space. We offer support, evidence-based Information on various topics, relaxations for birth preparation and birth itself and the opportunity to reach out – you are never alone.

A few words from the founder

Whilst my first daughter was born in the midst of a wonderful summer storm, I was born as a mother. Much to my surprise, the highs and lows of motherhood hit me harder than I could have ever imagined. I was over the moon to be a mother to my wonderful daughter. Simultaneously, I felt myself struggling on a daily basis, through a big cloud of unknowns. I often felt lost, lonely and helpless.

Along my path to healing physically and mentally from a birth that wasn’t quite what I expected, I began to explore the many aspects of motherhood. Very quickly, I realised that motherhood is so much more than having a baby. The more I spoke to other parents and parenting experts, the more I had my confirmation: it all starts with birth.

After falling pregnant a second time relatively quickly, I felt one thing very strongly. I made it my mission to prepare for my second birth in a different way to the first time. Knowing what was important to me, I felt called to follow my intuition much more closely, in my pregnancy and into birth. I would participate in the birth through having the necessary tools to navigate it. I would face my fears and let my body birth my baby, the way it wants to.

After researching, I decided to prepare my birth using the hypnobirthing method. Instead of taking a class as a mother, I decided to sign up for the training itself. I wanted to become an instructor and be ready for other women, alongside learning and testing the tools for my own birth. Everything felt just right. On a daily basis, I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The programme opened up a new world for me. Things I had stored subconsciously suddenly became real, things I had felt during my first birth suddenly were verbalised. I found the words, descriptions and confirmation for experiences in motherhood so far, that I had never managed to pinpoint on my own.

In the months after that, I focused on my pregnancy and had a beautiful (albeit fast) homebirth. In the same year, I worked hard to start to transfer my experience to other parents to be. Based in Switzerland at the time, I founded Die Positive Geburt, a German-language birth preparation platform. With this site, I created a birth preparation system that I would have valued myself, before becoming a mother. Throughout both pregnancies, I craved a concise, scientific, deep, open yet honest approach to childbirth preparation, that was affordable and run by someone who really cared about what they do.

I began with 1:1 support and after a while, ran my first group classes. I was honoured to accompany many wonderful parents to be in the run up to their births and well into their postpartum. Alongside, I began my training as a doula and started to work on a big idea: I decided to put all of my work online, so that every woman in the area could have access to a solid mental, physical and structural approach to childbirth. I had invaluable support from my wonderful husband in making this happen.

In 2020, my family and I left Switzerland to seek fresh inspiration in Bali, Indonesia. Earthside Project was born out of my desire to continue my work from a more global perspective.

It’s our mission to stay accessible for any parent interested in what we do – be it timewise, location-wise and digitally. We wish for every parent to feel love and support in the run up to their child’s birth. Because it matters how we as parents are born, too.