About Us

Holding space for parents to make transition to parenthood an epic journey

Our Story​

In 2017, Alex and Hannah were born into parenthood. We were those parents that educated themselves a little, but also trusted that everything would be ok, somehow. Parenthood turned out to be so much harder than we thought – and we wished we would have had access to better preparation and education, as well as a community that actually cared about the mother.

Earthside Project was born out of an immense motivation to support new mothers and ensure babies are born within as much love and support as possible. This means holding the mother’s hand along the way, enabling quality education and teaching empowerment and mental health awareness.

As a childbirth Doula, Hannah mentors women in groups and privately, provides online childbirth education and tends to an online community on social media. Alex is in charge of all technicalities and occasionally acts as a birth debriefing partner 🙂

We live in Bali with our two daughters.

Multilingual online education

Currently in German, Swiss-German and English


We strive to make our clients feel seen and heard. Empathy is our superpower.


We believe in evidence-based antenatal education combined with traditional and alternative approaches to women’s health in pregnancy and birth

Our mission

Birth is different around the world. Tradition vs modern medicine, complex politics and a global emergency when it comes to women’s rights. There’s a ton to do. We believe there is nothing more important than how the next generation is brought into this world – and how we care for mothers.

We offer a wealth of
online education and empowerment for women and parents, as well as tools for childbirth and postpartum

Meet Us

Earthside Project was born out of our personal experience becoming parents, a journey that was far from easy. Years later, we work together to build Earthside Project and hold space for mothers and babies being born into this world, whilst also tending to our own little family.

Hannah Ladda. Co-Founder

Birth Doula and mum of two

Alex Ladda. Co-Founder

Software Engineer, multitasker and dad of two