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Own Your Birth!

Are you looking for a well-structure, evidence-based yet holistic approach to your childbirth preparation with someone heartfelt who understands your individual journey?

You’re here because you…

  • are planning a the birth that’s best for you (natural drug-free home birth or a planned c-section in a hospital, everyone is different)
  • want to inform yourself about the physical aspects of childbirth and how to manage them well
  • are looking to release fear surrounding childbirth or insecurities in your pregnancy
  • want some loving support in your journey
  • believe you can have a great birth with the right support
  • have started reading a bit about hypnobirthing but don’t really know where to start…

You have come to the right place! 🥰

Take control of your birth with our Hypnobirthing Online Course. We’re there for you, so you can have your birth on your terms ❤️

What are the two most important things in birth prep?

  • comprehensive: just a bit of stretching won’t cut it. Get into the nitty gritty of it!
  • start now: the earlier the better! You’ll need a bit of time to digest the information – and to make the right decisions for yourself. Practice makes perfect!

The contents of the Hypnobirthing Online Course

Knowing everything you can about birth and the right techniques to implement before and during are a great help in reducing fear and alleviating pain. Many studies have found a direct connection in reducing fear to promote the natural process of childbirth.

Our online programme prepares you for birth mentally and physically. We provide solid, evidence-based information so you’ll know what to expect. Knowing everything you can, you’ll feel confident in making decisions that are best for you and your baby, throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

7 Videos (etwa 1 Stunde)

Chapter 1 – Hypnobirthing

We start with the basics of Hypnobirthing.
This birth philosophy is based on common sense and scientific evidence. It empowers you to navigate birth with knowledge and confidence.

7 Videos (etwa 1 Stunde)
7 Videos (etwa 1 Stunde)

Chapter 2 – Science

First we will learn about some physical and medical basics to understand how a birth runs its course and what’s important to remember for mother and baby.

7 Videos (etwa 1 Stunde)

Chapter 3 – Relaxation

The key to good labor progress is the ability to relax the mind. This allows the body to labor efficiently and undisturbed.

In this chapter, you learn the most important relaxation and breathing techniques for birth.

Chapter 4 – Be Informed

Now we’re getting into the details of it. First we discuss how to talk to doctors and midwifes to get the information you need. This can be tricky at times, so best get some good strategies ready to employ!

Then we talk about the most important and pressing questions around birth: perineal tearing, positions of the baby, due date, induction, membrane sweep, caesarean section – just to name a few.

7 Videos (etwa 1.5 Stunden)

Chapter 5 – the big day

With all the knowledge gathered, we go through the day of the birth. You will learn about the individual phases of birth from the first surges to the birth of the placenta.

Now you have a large tool set to master any challenges on the day of delivery!

7 Videos (etwa 1.5 Stunden)
3 Videos (etwa 15 Minuten)

Chapter 6 – No woman left behind!

Put together your own birth vision – alone or with a partner. If you have any questions – let me know. I’ll be there for you.

3 Videos (etwa 15 Minuten)
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Your course instructor

I’m Hannah, founder of earthside project. I’m a mother of two and passionate about making birth prep and beyond accessible for everyone. I am a certified hypnobirthing instructor, doula and lactation consultant. I coach women and couples in all journeys of pregnancy, childbirth and into postpartum.

In 2018 I started an online platform to give as many women as possible easy access to information about pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. I work in Europe and Southeast Asia.

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Hypnobirthing Online Course

  • Online Course for self study

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Private Course Hypnobirthing

  • 3 hours of individual coaching
  • tailored to your situation and needs

Best suited for refresher courses or with prior knowledge of birth or hypnobirthing.


Intensive Course Hypnobirthing

  • 5 hours of individual coaching
  • tailored to your situation and needs

In-depth dive into your birth with hypnobirthing, breastfeeding and postpartum.

* all coaching are held online – in person coaching can be arranged.

As of now most of my material is in German. Although I am originally from England, I lived in Switzerland for a long time. Both of my children were born there, and so was Earthside Project. Check out my two other sites, they already have a lot more content.

I am currently producing content in English to be released very soon – stay tuned for my updates! If you have any questions you can get in touch here.

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I designed this course as I would have wanted my own birth prep to have been like:

  • comprehensive and in depth
  • easily accessible
  • putting the mom and the baby in the centre

Today is the best day to start prepping for your birth!

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