Holistic doulas that deeply nourish and empower women


Do you hear the call to accompany, nurture and empower women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

Training doulas. 
Doulas of a new time. 
Birth companions to the mothers of new children arriving in a new earth.

Join our info call

Monday, 06.03.2023 at 8 pm

online, free of charge

We will present the training in more detail and answer your questions

The call will be held in German

About us

The WE training team is made up of many different women who share their expertise and knowledge. Our guest lecturers will be announced on a rolling basis over the next six months.
Leading the training are: Denise, Nadja and Hannah. We are three doulas with different focuses but a common mission: to train holistic doulas who deeply nurture and empower women.

Nadja Brenneisen

Doula and founder of the Yoga Mama method

Denise Petrikat

Postpartum Doula and founder of Mamahanna

Hannah Jewitt-Ladda

Doula and founder of Earthside Project

Womb Expansion Switzerland