privacy policy

We take your privacy seriously. Where it is necessary to process your personal data, we do it with the utmost care.


Yes, we use cookies. Some are to be able to make basic functions of the website work, for example the function that people can log in and log out of their accounts. Other cookies are set by aforementioned third party services.
And of course we use cookies for anonymous, ethical user tracking. This helps us understand our audience better. We are using self hosted Matomo.

In your browser’s settings, you can choose to activate or deactivate cookies. This way you can categorically prevent cookies from being set on your computer. You can also delete cookies from your computer that were set previously. Be advised, that some functions of this website will not work correctly without cookies.

Transmission of personal data

For some services it is necessary to transmit personal data to 3rd parties.


The information on this page can change at any time.