Welcome to Earthside Project

Founded by two parents and their daughters’ births, with the dream of supporting mothers and fathers on their path

Empowering visibility and dialogue, whilst creating a virtual space for parents

Welcome to Earthside Project

We believe that the core of a positive birth is first and foremost space. Having the necessary space to make healthy and sensible decisions. Have space to be clear about what you need for your birth. space to remember how to deliver your baby – because you instinctively have it inside you.

Our mission is to give every mum and every couple that space. We offer support, fact-based antenatal information, relaxation and exchange, so you never feel alone.

A word from the founder

In 2017, when my first daughter was born during a huge summer thunderstorm, I too was born a mother. In postpartum I experienced the ups and downs of early motherhood very intensely. Although blown away by the love I felt for my daughter, I also found myself repeatedly caught in what felt like a hurricane. Every day I felt lost, helpless and lonely.

On my journey to spiritual and physical healing, I delved deeply into topics of birth and motherhood. Even then, I had already learnt that motherhood is so much more than giving birth to a baby. The more I exchanged ideas with other mothers and experts, the more confirmation I had: Everything begins with birth.

When I got pregnant again a short time later, one thing was crystal clear to me. I wanted to prepare differently than the first time. I already knew what was important to me: to live more according to my intuition as a pregnant woman and mother, to have a say in pregnancy and birth and not to stand in the way of myself and my body with my fears (from the last birth).

I decided that I would approach childbirth with hypnobirthing. However, instead of attending a hypnobirthing class when I was pregnant, I decided to do the full hypnobirthing instructor training. In retrospect, I can’t say exactly why, I just had a strong gut feeling.

As soon as the training began, a new world opened up for me. Everything I learned made sense to me so strongly, and I found the words, descriptions, and validation I had already subconsciously felt inside. Finally I could better understand my first birth. I knew I was in the right place in my life.

I focused on my pregnancy and was able to experience a wonderful home birth. During the same months I also worked intensively on being able to pass on hypnobirthing techniques to other women.

I founded Earthside Project (formerly Die Positive Geburt) because I wanted to develop the childbirth preparation that I wished I could have done myself the first time. I hadn’t found the preparation that really appealed to me, either during my first or second pregnancy. I had longed for a thorough, open, honest, affordable and accessible approach that involves heart and soul.

At the beginning I was allowed to accompany couples 1:1 and soon afterwards expanded this to group courses, in which I was able to accompany many loving parents-to-be. At the same time, I began my training as a birth doula. After some time I had the idea: I wanted to make the entire content of my work available online so that expectant parents always have access to mental, physical and organizational preparation. Here I brought my dear husband on board and together we were able to make my dream come true.

With a lot of support, we were proud to launch Switzerland’s first online course for childbirth preparation in 2019. The second followed in 2020, in High German. In 2020 we both left our jobs to work on Earthside Project full-time for a year. We are currently developing the English language branch of our project.

Our mission is now to remain as accessible as possible – in terms of time, place and digitally. We wish every woman and every couple to feel constantly lovingly supported. Because how we become parents matters so much.